For Cronenberg’s dark exploration of memory and the effects of time, we gathered textures from set and layered them into bizarre and beautiful images reminiscent of Rorschach tests. The plates become increasingly macabre as the sequence plays out, mimicking the narrative structure of the film.

This job was particularly interesting to work on due to David’s direct involvement. He’s a fascinating guy and actually quite funny in person. I remember him calling me at home one night after I had posted a cut for him and all we talked about was how shitty Rogers home internet was.

Man, almost 10 years later and this still feels like a high point of stuff I’ve worked on. Major kudos to my mates Hector Herrera and Warren Brown for the stellar concept and photography.

I love that even though this is a digital file you can still see the weave from the projector from when it was scanned. Totally annoying at the time, but now I’d miss it if it wasn’t there.


Designer, Editor, Compositor.

Client: Tattersol Casablanca
Production Co: Cuppa Coffee