Billy Talent | Louder Than The DJ

After the amazing success of the Death From Above video Trainwreck 1979 local pals and men of rock Billy Talent tapped me to put together another stop motion video.

BT have always been very proud of their Toronto roots, so I thought it would be good fun to base a video upon the idea of walking around town. I had to generate a ton of original artwork for the record covers—probably 70 in all—including several ‘hero’ covers that referenced some classic albums. The process took about 4 solid says of brute-force design work.

Interestingly, after some experimentation with different cameras, I elected to shoot the video with my iPhone 6s. Because the whole piece is POV, the shallow depth of the phone was much easier to handle than a DSLR. It was also much easier to frame up shots, since I was both shooting and digging through the bins.

Super fun project! More like this please!