LePage: Super Glue

Hot on the heels of PL spot, I put this one together for the consumer market. This was the same team who did the last spot and I’m always happy to work with the amiable and talented Mr. Jamie Way.

Although the spot was shot in Canada, the cast is actually German and have appeared in a series of commercials across Europe and the UK. The spot had to be put together in such a way as to allow for localizations in different markets, so you’ll notice that no one actually speaks on camera.

The thing I like about this spot is the chemistry of the cast. They’ve worked together on this campaign for a while now and I actually find them quite believable as a family. In fact, during my initial rough cut, I presented a version with no dialog at all — just the action playing out over a nice Marcos Valle piano piece I was using as a temp track.

Client: Henkel
Agency: Quandrant
Prod Co: Big Sky
Post Co: The Studio Upstairs

Director: Jamie Way
Producer: Kristy MacNeil
Editor: Nick Sewell
Colourist / Online: Dale Codling