Monsoon Season: RELEASED!

BIBLICAL_MonsoonSeason 2

This is the sleeve design for the new Biblical record, Monsoon Season.  This project references is an homage to my love of mid-century modern design. It’s a bit of Saul Bass style illustration filtered through a highly saturated Blue Note Records palette.  The hands and the eyes are an extension of the themes I used on the Biblical 10″.

Monsoon Season was released World-Wide in March via New Damage Records! And that’s not all — Pitchfork is streaming the first tune Second Sight for your listening pleasure!  I must say, we’ve been totally blown away by response.  Check out the links below to see some of the amazing reviews for the record!


 “When we were given the opportunity to stream the album in full, we jumped on it.”


 “The debut album by the Toronto band is one that Decibel readers should go absolutely batty over, a deft combination of Kyuss-derived stoner rock, rampaging heavy metal, and enough stylistic breadth to set itself apart from any other new bands.”


 “A wealth of hard rock history rammed right down the sculpted, textured and collective throat of R&B, soul and metal.”


“Early contender for Year End list honours”


“Biblical are masters of space and time”


“This band is fucking cool”


“Tough to categorize, easy to enjoy” 4/5


“Monsoon Season is a complete experience with driving guitars and wicked vocal hooks and an eerie sense of otherworldliness.” 4/5


 Monsoon Season review: “A thoroughly entertaining record with plenty of intoxicating moments.”


Here’s the final package for the LP: