Poker Stars Home Games

This is one of a bunch of spots created for Pokerstars for the launch of their Home Games software. This was a massive roll out, probably the most extensive and truly global campaign I’ve ever worked on.

The launch began with 4 x :30s and 4 x :60 broadcast spots featuring poker champion Daniel Negeanu and French language spots featuring 23 year-old star Jonathan Duhamel, airing across North America and the UK.

The launch continued with 2 and 3 minute English and French spots for the web and speciality applications and ultimately included localizations of the :30s for Spain, Portugal, France, Estonia and South America.

Bonus: Got to go to Las Vegas for a few days to shoot it all.

Director: Sean McBride
Designer: Hector Herrera
Editor / FX Director: Nick Sewell

Agency: Immersion Media