Poker stars: PCA Tour naments

Here’s a campaign of spots I put together for Pokerstars, featuring comedian Gerry Dee.  What originally started as 2 x :30 spots (ENG/FR) quickly turned into 8 deliverables. About half way through the project, the client asked to see some options for a :15 second version. Gerry was amazing and had a ton of great material — way more than we could actually use, so it was a snap to throw together three options.

Well, lo and behold they decided to finish all the versions!  In fact, they then asked for even more material which resulted in additional 3 x :30s of blooper reels which ran on their website.

Another interesting thing about this project was that it was actually shot on a traditional white cyc. Around the time that the :15s came about, we ended up putting Gerry on to the background you see here. Major kudos to Mr. Dale Codling, who absolutely nailed the composite. He even managed to lift tricky elements like falling white cards off the white background.

Client: Pokerstars
Agency: Immersion Media
Post Production: The Studio Upstairs

Director/Cinematographer: Sean McBride
Editor/FX Director: Nick Sewell
Design: Hector Herrera
Colorist/Online Artist: Dale Codling