Scooby Scary Movie Week

Whoa! I just found this on one of my old drives! From what I remember, this spot was part of a campaign we created for Cartoon Network way back in 2004 (sidebar: I’m old).

Well, I’ll tell you one thing — projects like this one are few and far between. This is a classic Cuppa mixed media piece with stop motion, cell animation and motion graphics all coming together to create something cool.  The theatre was an actual practical set piece with the camera move captured in stop motion.  As this was part of a campaign, CN wanted to be able to swap in different monsters watching the movie, depending on the night. So, the cell department created the character designs and I would comp them into the scene for each of the deliverables.

This allowed us to customize each piece of the campaign with it’s own assortment of ghouls without affecting the duration of the piece.

I love stumbling old jobs like this!


Prod. Co: Cuppa Coffee Animation
Director: Warren Brown
Design: Hector Herrera
Stop Motion: Bob Crossman
Cell Animation: Kalle Malloy
Composite / Edit / Post: Nick Sewell