Nova Scotia Tourism

This is :60 second stereo 3D spot was completed for Colour and Nova Scotia Tourism, highlighting the coastal province’s incredible natural beauty.

Shot on helicopter-mounted SI2K’s, this is theatrical commercial was actually a cutdown from a 6 minute 3D presentation I edited about 8 months prior.

A lot of people ask me if I actually edit with the glasses on — the answer is yes and no. Although you do need to watch the footage in 3D, the computer monitor is not and the whole “glasses-on, glasses-off’ thing is not just slow, it’s painful.  My workflow for stereo editing is to first watch everything in 3D and mark the shots I like.  I will then flip into 2D mode and start editing normally, keeping in mind what the viewer is focused on (up close, far away etc).

Once I’ve got a rough cut, I flip back into stereo and watch it in 3D, paying special attention to things like shot duration and focal point.  3D is just like real life — if you’re looking off into the distance and something flies up close to your face, you’re going to need a moment to refocus.  That what’s you’re asking of an audience in 3D as well — which is why rapid cuts must approached with total caution.