Transporter: Series Trailer

Here’s a nifty little promo I put together for the cable series based on the Jason Statham movies (spoiler alert: he ain’t in it). Instead, you may project your lust for carved abs towards our new hero Chris Vance (Prison Break).

This project was super fun. The producers sent me all 12 episodes of the series and I went through grabbed the scenes I liked. I wish I could tell you who the song was by, but I never found out. They gave a whack of tunes with alpha numeric names from their French composer and told me to pick one. I liked this one because it reminded me of Daft Punk and really grounded the piece as an international property.

I‘ve noticed that HBO is running little 30 second promos for the series launch. While it doesn’t use my full 2 minute edit or the music, it does use all my selects!